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Business Analyst

A Business Analyst is a person who examines a business domain and records its processes or systems by monitoring the business model or its incorporation with technology. They develop both technical and non-technical solutions to business problems and play as a major link between the business objectives and the organisations information technology capabilities and contribute to the profitability of the organisation. They also interact with the business stakeholders and subject matter experts to understand the actual need.

1. Idea generation for new processes, developing and implementing them to make sure that their functionality is proper.

2. Stakeholder Analysis.

3. Analysing information needs and functional requirements by communicating and collaborating enthusiastically with internal and external customers.

4. Communicating between Technology teams, Supporting teams and Business units.

5. Explaining and documenting the customer business functions and processes.

6. Technical assistance in training of professional and technical staff.

7. Investigating the activities of an organisation to maintaining the efficiency.

8. Defining test cases for project management and project installations.

9. Testing the user acceptance.

10. Allocating resources and maintaining cost efficiency.

A Business Analyst will require a Bachelor's degree in Business or a related field. An MBA would improve the skills of individuals who want to become Business Analysts. Some additional Diploma courses in the field of Business, Management and Administration will also be helpful.

Communication Skills:
Business Analysts require good verbal ability for documentation of processes and communicating between various teams in the organisation.

Organisational Skills:
These skills are required to co-ordinate with all teams, designing processes and monitor the functionalities in an organisation.

Technical Skills:
Technical skills are required to monitor the organisations incorporation with technology and to provide with technical solutions.

Creative Skills:
To enable a Business Analyst to design the processes which attract the market.

For graduates who start their careers, the average salary would be Rs. 20,000 per month. With an experience of 4-5 years, one can expect the salary of around Rs. 35,000 per month.

A person can start his/her career as a Junior Business Analyst. With experience and skills one can become Senior Business Analyst, Product Manager, Program Manager and proceed to becoming an Operations Head.

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