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Data Science

Data science is basically an interdisciplinary field which uses scientific methods and processes to extract knowledge from data. The concept of Data Science has been around for decades and now is an in-demand career. This has led to a massive increment of data scientists, and people pursuing data science as a profession. Many of the social media platforms, e-commerce platforms and marketing firms depend on data science to create innovative and interactive features. Data Science is like an umbrella that encompasses all of the techniques and tools used during the life cycle stages of useful data. A Data Scientist is a person who connects the dots between the Business world and the Data world.

1. Fetching information from various sources and analysing it for better understanding
2. Performing Statistical Analysis
3. Interpreting and managing data to solve complex problems with the help of scientific tools and experience
4. Working with stakeholders in the entire organisation to identify opportunities for leveraging companys data to drive business solutions
5. Developing standard algorithms and data models in order to apply them for data analysis
6. Developing processes and tools to monitor data accuracy

A graduate/Post Graduate with specialisation courses like Computer Science, Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, etc. Start your career and gain experience.

Teamwork and Collaboration:
It is extremely important that Data Scientists are collaborative with all the team members in the organisation, since their work translates to key inputs for business decisions.

Problem Solving:
Complex problem solving skills are required for a Data Scientist in order to analyse data, find solutions to complex tasks and resolve discrepancies.

Technical Skills:
Data Scientists should possess technical skills related to statistics and must be aware of statistical tools such as SPSS, Stata and R.

Resource Management Skills:
It is important to ensure optimum utilisation of resources at the disposal of a Data Scientist.

The average starting salary for a Data Scientist is Rs. 5-7Lakh per annum. Career progression can be quick, and salaries upwards of Rs. 10 lakh per annum can be expected within 3-4 years of working as a Data Scientist

The growth in Data Science field at present is at a fast pace. One can start their career as a Business Intelligence Analyst or Data Mining Engineer. With experience and knowledge, one can grow and become a Data Scientist

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