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Software Engineer

As a software engineer, you will play a key role with the software design team to develop and map out the ways of program functions. These include the process of development from design to testing, implementation, long-term maintenance, debugging and product improvement. You will work with programmers and coders as well for mapping out larger programing functions or new features on existing software.

You will be involved in building high-quality, innovative and fully performing software with coding standards and technical design.

1. Write codes for websites or build a full-fledged website or other web application.

2. Troubleshooting or debugging existing source codes.

3. Design, develop and install new or existing software solution.

4. Develop flow charts, layouts, software verification plans and quality assurance procedures.

5. Monitoring and checking systems/ servers often.

6. Maintain and document all functionality and application.

To become a software engineer, you will need minimum graduate degree in computer science like B.Sc or B.Tech or similar engineering degree. You can also learn coding from online tutorials or training centers.

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Computer Programming skills:
You should be well versed in at least one programming language from JAVA, C++ or another different computing language. It is also beneficial to have strong HTML knowledge.

Logical and Structured Thinking:
You need to decide between the various alternative solutions and identify the best fit. It is important to find creative solutions to achieve the desired functionality.

Team Player:
You should be a good team player, where you will be working with the development and design team and ensure that a specific app or project deliverable to a client is completed as per timeline.

Salary range for entry level is Rs. 26,000-Rs. 30,000. The salary can go up-to as high as Rs. 2,00,000 within 4-5 years.

At the very beginning you will join as a trainee or associate software engineer. After that you can become Software Engineer and grow to a Senior Developer, Senior Software engineer, Programming Analyst, Team Lead, Architect, and Manager. Beyond this, you can also move into senior management.

The speed of career path progression is mostly linked with the levels of demonstrated technical ability, internal drive, and critical thinking.

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